10X does a nice job of promoting your project for a price that is much less than the others. I got contacted by many people once my project launched. Others were charging several hundred or even several thousand dollars! 10X was different. They use a system that many...
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I liked
  • It works
  • Good pricing
  • Affordable
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Have contacted them via email and chat. No response in either. They offer no reporting, no solutions, no tips, nothing. I saw no traffic boost to my indiegogo campaign, no funds raised. I guess I have myself to blame for rushing into it. Please stay away unless you...
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I didn't like
  • Poor service and false advertising
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these scam artist claim that they are able to boost your indiegogo campaign by paying some money and adding you to there email newsletters that gets sent out to all of there backers, they are supposed to send you and a copy of the newsletter once it get sent out but of...
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10x does not have a service for "$1000 dollars" as described in the review. In fact, they charge much less than their competitors do. This review is obviously a fake and meant...

I didn't like
  • Scam
  • Did not provide the service at all
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10x Crowdfunding - Don't work - they like only your money!

10x Crowdfunding
This company is unserious. Don't buy anything from this company! Cheater,{{REDACTED}}... 100 words???? Sucks.